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Why The FDV App Doesn’t Run On Mobile Devices

Posted on by FDV Founder

The File Drop Vault application is strong security for sharing files and messages. The encryption supported by the system makes is very difficult to access data sent through the system. However, both sender and receiver must be secure as well. Desktop, laptop, and server computers typically run operating systems designed around security. None of them are perfect and these computers do sometimes get compromised. However, the problem in mobile devices seems to be much larger.

This article from Brian Krebs (Critical Flaws in Apple, Samsung Devices) showcases some recent vulnerabilities in the most common cellphone and mobile device system. Currently there are no patches or ways to avoid these vulnerabilities and it is unknown how many phones or mobile devices have been compromised. Mobile devices are designed primarily for convenience – they communicate with cell and wifi networks automatically, for example. Unlike most This emphasis on convenience unfortunately results in security problems because convenience and security are often in direct opposition.

File Drop Vault recommends only using mobile devices for low risk information and communication. Medical data, banking, and personally sensitive information should be kept on more secure systems.

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