File Drop Vault

Secure Communications for Professionals and their Clients

About FDV

About File Drop Vault

File Drop Vault is a secure message and file communication system for professionals. It is the product of File Drop Vault LLC – a Seattle, Washington based company. File Drop Vault is operated entirely inside the United States and is available for use by licensed professionals in the US and Canada who have a clear fiduciary responsibility to their clients.

Read our User’s Guide for an overview and some how to get started information.

Compare Your Options For Communicating/Sharing Client Data

Feature Email
(Including “Secure Email”)
Online Hosting
e.g YouSendIt ,
Google Drive,
or Dropbox

File Drop Vault

Files/Messages Encrypted During Transmission Sometimes1 Usually NO OK
Never Discloses Files Content to Third Parties (Even with Warrants)2 NO NO NO OK
Can Prove Content Delivery To A Specific Person3 NO NO NO OK
Delivers Digital Content in Original Format OK OK NO OK
Decryption Keys Are Unavailable to Anyone But You NO NO NO OK

Notes: 1Most “secure email” systems encrypt communications over the public internet.
2Email and file hosting services are required by law to provide copies of your files or messages without informing you to law enforcement under various circumstances. Since they retain control of passwords and decryption keys, hackers and malicious employees can also access your data sent through these systems.
3Email and File Hosting services allow anyone with the username and password to access the data from any internet connection. If your password is compromised, or shared, system logs showing that the password was used are not proof the specific individual was the one to use them. Furthermore, there is no proof that the user was able to open the data in a readable format.
4Fax is often sent over the public internet and is almost never encrypted.

File Drop Vault was created to solve a common problem – sharing data securely. Tech savvy people are increasingly keeping all of their confidential and sensitive documentation on their computers. When they need to share confidential and sensitive information with their doctors, lawyers, CPAs, mortgage brokers, and other professionals the ideal thing to do is simply transmit those digital files directly to the professional. And when the professional has data to share back with their client – such as medical lab results, tax returns, etc., it would similarly be ideal to just put those files onto the client’s computer. Prior to the creation of File Drop Vault there was no truly secure, verifiable way to do this. There are lots of “secure email” systems and online file storage systems that allow users to share files with each other. The common flaw in these systems was that if the passwords are compromised, it is impossible to know who had access to the files. And the companies offering these systems, having control over the passwords and encryption keys, could themselves access the information, and provide it to others either voluntarily, or when hacked.

File Drop Vault provides the solution. Each user keeps control of their own decryption keys, on a specific computer under their own control. This means that files sent through FDV are encrypted at the source and no one, not even FDV, can access the data without the recipient’s decryption keys. This allows lawyers to provide true attorney/client privileged communication, free from government or third party surveillance. And because only the recipient can open the file, FDV can demonstrate that the file sent was the file received by a specific person at a specific time.

This combination of tools gives File Drop Vault the most comprehensive security for professional client data sharing available.