File Drop Vault

Secure Communications for Professionals and their Clients

Download FDV APP

Install the FDV App!

With the FDV App you can send messages and files to any Professional Member of File Drop Vault.   And if you are a professional, you can apply for membership using the FDV App.

To Install: Download the installer file to your computer. Double Click on the installer file. Be sure the code is signed by File Drop Vault LLC. Accept the defaults by clicking “next” until the install is complete.

For Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10): Download the installer: Windows Installer.

For Linux (see notes below):  Download the installer: Linux Installer

For Mac: Download the installer: MacOS Installer

See “How To” Videos on our You Tube page.

Linux Notes: Installation instructions

  1. Download the Linux installation binary into your preferred location.
  2. Open the containing directory using a shell.
  3. Make the binary executable. (type chmod +x and hit enter when you are in the correct directory)
  4. Execute the binary: (type ./ and hit enter, “./” is essential)
  5. The application can then be launched from ~/File Drop Vault LLC/FDVClient/FDVClient

Pre-Requisites for 64 Bit Distributions of Linux
The Linux File Drop Vault Client is a 32 bit application, so if you are running a 64 bit Linux distribution it needs to be able to run 32 bit applications. For most modern distributions, there are 32 bit compatibility libraries that can be installed. This is typically an additional package or group of packages that is provided by your Linux distribution. For Debian or Ubuntu derivatives, the package is “ia32-libs”. For Arch Linux it is “lib32-gtk2”, For RedHat 5 systems it is a package group called “Legacy Software Support”, while for RedHat 6 systems the package group is called “Compatibility Libraries”. In other cases, please find out how to enable 32 bit compatibility for your specific distribution.