File Drop Vault

Secure Communications for Professionals and their Clients

Everyday Communication

Easy to Use

As a professional you probably communicate confidential or legally protected information every day. File Drop Vault gives you a simple way to do so with the security that information deserves. Email can be hacked.  File hosts control access and can give it to third parties.  Only FDV puts files in a vault between sender and receiver that only the receiver can open.

Our simple application looks similar to an email program – but with important differences.  Only professionals can become full members.  You can attach very large files without problems, and most importantly, you have secure, proven delivery that you can take into the court room.

When you need to share information protected by HIPAA, identity information, financial information, or anything protected by attorney client privilege, use FDV. It is simple, secure, and protects your data and your reputation. 

Ready to install and start sharing data the secure way? Download the FDV App.