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For Professionals

One-to-One Communications

When you invest in FDV Professional, you start your own network of communication between you and your clients. Your clients will be able to send files directly to you, over our secure system. The system includes:

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Happy Client Physician with Patient Woman Attorney
The broker claimed that they sent the forms before the deadline but FDV proved they were sent after. The doctor claimed we hadn’t notified him of dad’s allergy before the surgery. But because our doctor sent dad’s medical records via FDV we were able to prove that the records arrived, including the page about dad’s allergies, before the surgery. They settled quickly. I can get large discovery files in the original, digital forms (with metadata!). Email just couldn’t handle the file size and fax was beyond slow. Thanks FDV!
Physicians Collaborating CPA at Desk Confident Man
Our radiology practice can send and receive large images and still be HIPAA compliant. Tax returns don’t belong in email. As a CPA, my clients appreciate that I keep their data secure. My client’s have more confidence in me knowing that I am taking proactive steps to protect their data.