File Drop Vault

Secure Communications for Professionals and their Clients

How It Works

File Drop Vault is Secure File Transfer

Easy as email, but far more secure, the FDV System enables professionals to receive files from clients and colleagues while ensuring no third party, even FDV, has access. Professionals install the FDV app and upgrade to Pro mode. They can then add our website upload tool on their own website, through which any client or colleague can send them files using a simple website form. And those who want to receive files from their professionals can install the FDV App (free!) and get sponsored by their professional – enabling 2-way file sharing.  Users who want to receive from their professionals must have the FDV App installed and must send a message from the FDV App to their professional who can then sponsor them.   The FDV system provides both sender and receiver rock-solid proof that a specific file/message was transferred between specific parties. Don’t risk your confidential or sensitive data to insecure systems like email, fax. And think carefully before using online file share/storage tools that control the encryption keys – they can and will grant access to others if hacked or required to by law.

Which technology is appropriate for sharing files?

File Drop Vault is appropriate for any confidential or sensitive information, but also great for large files that won’t fit in email.

Type of Information Email
(Including “Secure Email”)
Online File Hosts
(Cloud Storage, Drop Box ™)

File Drop Vault

Financial Records     OK
Scheduling Information and Calendars OK    
Legal Discovery Files     OK
Catalogs/Public Pricing OK OK  
Medical Records     OK
Tax Returns     OK
Photos, Movies, Music OK small files only OK OK 
Company Confidential Information (Sarbanes/Oxley)     OK
Directions and Maps OK OK  


Technology that Encrypts End-To-End

FDV uses patent pending technology to encrypt files when they are sent such that only the recipient can decrypt them. Because files, filenames, and messages are encrypted before they are stored on FDV’s system for delivery, FDV can’t access the content. The decryption keys are only available on the recipient’s computer. This is in stark contrast to other file delivery services. Even if they store your files in an encrypted format, they keep the keys! FDV ensures that only the intended recipient has the keys to decrypt, which means that FDV can’t provide your files to government, even under subpoena, warrant, or court order. FDV requires professional users to confirm their identity and professional status, and enables users to ensure that they know with whom they are communicating. And with our unique file fingerprinting and tracking system FDV can prove a specific file was delivered to a specific user at a specific time, without access to the file content. FDV works: Known identity, Secure Communications, Real Proof of Delivery and Contents.