File Drop Vault

Secure Communications for Professionals and their Clients

Plans & Pricing

FDV is Free for Non-Professionals

Anyone can install the FDV application, in accordance with our license terms and conditions. Sending to professionals is free. If a professional sponsors you, they can send to you at no cost to you. Install for free by downloading the FDV App.

Plans for Professional Subscribers

Application for membership in FDV requires verification of identity and professional credentials. The fee to apply is $40.

Plan Type Included Monthly Data Volume Included Sponsorships
See notes below
Fee if Paid Monthly Fee if Paid Annually Overage Fees
Limited Professional 125 MB 1 Sponsored $9.99 $99.99 $5 per Sponsor; $5 plus $0.01 per 5MB
Basic Professional 250 MB 5 Sponsored $24.99 $249.99 $2 per Sponsor; $2 plus $0.01 per 5MB
Standard Professional 500 MB 25 Sponsored $49.99 $499.99 $1 per Sponsor; $1 plus $0.01 per 5MB
Unlimited Professional No Limit No Limit $149.99 $1499.99 No Overages



Support is offered on the following basis: Email support is available to Limited and Basic Professional subscribers with a 1-2 business day response time. Email support is available to Standard Professional subscribers with a 4 business hour response time (Pacific time business hours 9-5, excluding holidays). Unlimited Professionals receive phone and email support.

Organizations with multiple professionals qualify for substantial discounts. Contact File Drop Vault for options.