File Drop Vault

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Proof of Delivery and Content


We have been limited by technology for a long time. Courts have accepted “proof” of delivery in the form of mail and delivery service receipts, fax confirmation pages, and computer logs. These forms of evidence have significant limitations. It is quite easy to send envelopes with blank pages, or different versions of the claimed files. Fax confirmation is simple to forge – simply create a text document using the same font and format and print with your fax printer. Online file hosting systems can show that someone used a password to access a file, but you can’t prove who it was, or if they were able to open the file on their local machine without corruption.

The solution is File Drop Vault. File Drop Vault fingerprints files before storing them for delivery. The intended recipient is the only one who has the decryption keys to decrypt the files. Once decrypted, the fingerprint of the downloaded file is recreated and compared with the original. If it doesn’t match, it is proof that the file was corrupted and the download fails. If it does match, if proves that a copy of the file was successfully downloaded to the recipient’s computer. And you can compare the file at any time in the future to prove that the specific file, the exact contract, or whatever it was, was the file sent at that specific time and received by the specific intended recipient.