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Secure Communications for Professionals and their Clients

Sending Client Files

Clients Sending to their Professionals

Hiring a professional usually means providing them with confidential information about one’s self. Professionals with File Drop Vault make it easy. Clients can send files using the website upload tool, usually found on the professionals “contact info” page on their website.  It looks like this:

Website Unload Tool

Or like this:

Upload Tool Narrow Version

To send a file using the tool on a professional’s website just click on “Click Here to Send a File Securely Now”, verify the intended recipient is your professional, fill in the form, and click “Upload”. The file will be fingerprinted and encrypted and you will get a transaction tracking number. You can use this number to see when the professional was notified of the file and when they actually downloaded it.

The lower link is for installation of the FDV App. If you intend to send several files, or want files sent back by the professional it is easy (and free) to install the FDV app. After installing it is simple to use the FDV app to send a file. Just compose a new message, select the professional, select the file or files, type a short message, and click “Submit”. You can track the delivery right in the application.