File Drop Vault

Secure Communications for Professionals and their Clients

Why is it Secure

Our Security is Unsurpassed

File Drop Vault uses a combination of technologies that address the major issues of security for digital information:

File Drop Vault verifies the identity of the professionals who use the system so you know who you are sending the data to. We verify both their identity and that they have an active license in their field with their local government.

One of the strongest features of File Drop Vault is our private key encryption system. When you send files with File Drop vault they are encrypted before we store them with a special technology that ensures that the only way to decrypt the file is to use a single key, controlled by the recipient. This means that you can’t open something you sent, File Drop Vault can’t open it, hackers can’t open it – only the intended recipient can open the files. Secure email systems and file hosts make the news frequently when hackers find ways to get user passwords, etc. File Drop Vault avoids that risk by not having access to the data. For the technogeeks – we use an RSA public/private keypair with keys at least 3072 bits and proprietary implementation that is similar to SSL, over an SSL protected connection.

We use file “fingerprinting” technology that enables us to prove that the file sent is exactly the file received. We can also prove, at a later date, that a specific file was part of a specific transaction. This is incredibly powerful and far more valuable than a fax confirmation sheet, or email printout – which are easily forged and don’t really prove anything. For the technogeeks – we use SHA-2 256 hashes to avoid collisions and ensure unique fingerprints.

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